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  • New release

    Facilitating Study Abroad

    This website will help you organize and lead a study abroad program for your CEGEP students. If this is your first time taking students on a study abroad trip, it will help you design your trip, create pedagogically sound activities and evaluations for your students before, during, and after travel,…

  • 1000 Images on the Tip of my Tongue

    Trilingual index of expressions with equivalent meanings

    The 1000 Images on the Tip of My Tongue website is intended for the teaching and learning of colourful expressions in a second language. It lists more than 2,000 idiomatic expressions in English, French, and Spanish. Each expression is presented in a short text that explains its meaning or which…

  • The McGill Model of Nursing

    A Collaborative Approach

    How do you establish a trusting, collaborative relationship with a person and family? How do you accompany them as their health situation evolves? The McGill Model of Nursing: A Collaborative Approach reviews every stage of the nursing process, focusing on the central role of the person and family—whose responsibility for…

  • New look

    Bringing QM to Life

    Problem-Based Learning for Quantitative Methods

    Bringing QM to Life aims to actively engage social science students in their own learning process with a multidisciplinary, problem-based approach to research methods using quantitative data. The website offers activities with real-life scientific scenarios and various accessible, customizable levels of complexity that can be done individually or in teams,…

  • Conservation of Energy

    Work smarter – Conserve your energy!

    The Conservation of Energy video series begins with an introduction to the laws of conservation, then elaborates on their multiple applications. The series is tailored to the context of the Pure and Applied Science programs at the CEGEP level but should also be helpful to other science programs or enable…

  • Stand Tall and Move Easy

    A New Approach to Better Posture

    Stand Tall and Move Easy presents posture as a fundamental skill, a basic fitness component, and a foundation for exercise, sport performance, and efficient movement in daily living. Although written for college students, it’s a do-it-yourself approach for anyone wanting to stand taller and move better. The premise of the…

  • Sketches of the History of Science

    Ever wondered how science came about, but were intimidated by voluminous tomes that tell but don’t show how it was all done? With its hundreds of illustrations and accessible writing style, Sketches of the History of Science helps you navigate the philosophical underpinnings of science, shows you its roots in…

  • Resources for ESL B-Block

    The resources on this site address the needs in English as a second language of 100-level students in Arts programs enrolled in B-block courses. It offers teachers and students authentic materials that are both field specific to Arts students and appropriate for low intermediate level students.

  • Problem-Based Learning for College Physics

    A Website of Life-Like Activities

    The Problem-Based Learning for College Physics website provides high-quality, context-rich problem-based learning (PBL) activities for physics teachers in the college network. PBL is a pedagogical approach that enables students to learn from meaningful, real-life situations. In PBL, students can understand the realistic context presented to them and work in small…

  • Virtual Team Teaching

    A Collaborative Approach

    Have you considered opening your CEGEP classroom to the wider world around you but are limited by scheduling or geographic issues? With Virtual Team Teaching (VTT), your class can see, hear and interact with students from a distant college during course hours using information and communication technology. Virtual Team Teaching:…

  • Learning Centre

    The educational resources on the CCDMD Learning Centre website were specifically developed for CEGEP students by experienced CEGEP teachers. The majority of the resources available are created for students studying at an English CEGEP, but there are also useful resources for ESL students and allophones to help them become better…

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Teaching essentials

Useful resources for varying teaching strategies

  • Crisscross Words

    Version 4

    Crisscross Words is a tool designed to help students learn vocabulary. It’s aimed at teachers from all disciplines who wish to develop fun learning activities for the acquisition and enrichment of general or specialized vocabulary. With this tool, they can create dictionaries of words and definitions to draw from to…

  • Netquiz Web+

    Create online questionnaires in the blink of an eye

    Netquiz Web+ is a comprehensive tool for creating, posting and managing online formative and summative questionnaires. It enables designing questionnaires adapted to specific needs. Options include the following: choose from 14 types of questions: matching, multiple choice, classification, matching board, essay, dictation, highlight, sequencing, short answer, multiple answer, revision, fill…

  • Cantare

    Read Along With Your Ears

    Cantare is an application that allows users to synch lyrics or captions with audio files. This tool is intended for teachers who wish to create language-learning activities by having students listen to music or other types of audio files with captions that appear onscreen. The Playlists section gives them the…

  • Eco2

    Exercises to learn a language through listening and pronunciation of sounds or short sentences

    Eco2 is a tool for anyone who wants to create language learning exercises that use ear training and the pronunciation of sounds or short sentences. Eco2 allows the students to access pronunciation exercises posted online by the instructor. Students can listen to the model sounds and short sentences as many…

  • World of Images

    Collections for Education

    World of Images is a media-sharing site that addresses the immense need to use copyright-free photographs, illustrations, and videos for educational and non-commercial uses as well as for the production of quality educational materials. The goals of this unique media collection are as follows: offer a free space for managing…

Intercollegiate Photo Contest

Since 2011, the CCDMD has hosted the World of Images Intercollegiate Photo Contest that aims to encourage the next generation of photographers and foster the production and sharing of high-quality photographs in the education sector.

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