Call for projects

Call for projects

Accepted projects

Accepted projects

2024 Projects

French (Language and Literature) – Fédération des cégeps (Carrefour de la réussite) – Catherine Paradis – French Resource

Mammouth : La transition secondaire-collégial et le développement des compétences en lecture et en écriture

Platform presenting recent work on the transition from high school to college in reading and writing and suggesting avenues for reflection and actions to support colleges’ teaching and professional staff in their interventions

Biology – Cégep de l’Outaouais – François Dionne – French Resource

Le petit lac aux frémilles

Creation of a 3D video game depicting an ecosystem where the player must control a frog population’s destiny

Transdisciplinary – Cégep de Limoilou – Nanci Paquette and Maud Pellerin – French Resource

Capsules de soutien à la réussite

Creation of four video clips on successful reading strategies, note-taking, time management, and brain function

Chemistry – Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe – Véronique Plourde and Josée Nault – French Resource

Exerciseur réfractomètre

Technology update to the Assistant chimie resource

Nursing and Biomedical Laboratory Technology – Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe – Cindy Beaudin, Annick de Champlain, Marie-Ève Viens and Catherine Duranleau – French Resource

Analyse-moi ça!

A table game aimed at optimizing the interpretation of paraclinical examination results and familiarizing students with various preanalytical situations that could lead laboratories to reject samples

Paralegal Technology – Cégep de Drummondville – Isabelle Claveau – French Resource

Vidéos pédagogiques interactives en intervention en criminologie

Creation of three virtual reality videos targeting crisis management, communication, and group facilitation skills

Special Care Counselling – Heritage College – Kayla Smith and Myriam Bouchard – English resource

The person above all: from clinical judgment to special education technician intervention process

English translation of La personne avant tout : du jugement clinique au processus d’intervention en éducation spécialisée

2023 Projects

Native Languages – Institution Kiuna – Jimena Terraza and Claudie Ottawa – French Resource

Nehirowimotan, parlons atikamekw!

Materials for teaching Atikamekw as a second language

Water Technology – Cégep de Saint-Laurent – Nicolas Beauchamp – French Resource

La production d’eau potable pour techniciens et opérateurs

Printed and digital manual about drinking water production for future technicians and operators of drinking water production plants in Quebec

French (Language and Literature) – Cégep André-Laurendeau – Bernadette Carrier – French Resource

L’Épreuve uniforme de français comme si vous y étiez!

A series of seven video clips, presented as a docudrama, designed to let college students preparing to take the Épreuve uniforme de français see how a student experiences the test. 

Industrial Chemistry Technology – Cégep de Lévis – Carmen Mihaela Tibirna – French Resource

Productions industrielles

Manual presenting theoretical and practical concepts as well as exercises and industrial applications associated with industrial processes

Applied Arts (Graphic Design) – Collège de Rimouski – François Berger and Alexis Gagné – French Resource

Le département typographique

Series of video clips structured around theoretical, critical, and practical learning of the use of typographies in visual communications. The material will also include references to summary sheets, case studies, and exercises related to the subject matter covered in each of the video clips.

History – Cégep de Chicoutimi – Valérie Ouellet – French Resource

Histoire des sciences en croquis

Translation of the textbook Sketches of the History of Science

Philosophy – Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon – Benoit D’Amours and Sophie Savard-Laroche – French Resource


Creation of modules on marginalized philosophical perspectives. This new content will be added to the existing site.

Arts (Photography) – Cégep de Matane – Flavie Boucher – French Resource

Mise au point sur la photographie québécoise

Development of a website to support teaching the history of photography in Quebec in the photography, visual arts, and arts, literature, and communication programs. The site will feature a series of case studies spanning the origins to the present day, accompanied by thematic dossiers and pedagogical tools that can serve as a basis for classroom or homework assignments.

Building and Public Works Technology (Architecture) – Cégep de Rimouski – Pierre-Luc Bastille and Maryse Léveillé – French Resource

Bibliothèque Revit

Implementation of a digital toolkit library to be used with the Revit software to standardize practices and have tools tailored to Quebec.

Health Techniques (French as a Second Language) – Collège Ahuntsic – Chantal Asselin and Astrid Babkine-Ringuette – French Resource

Allô Santé

Educational materials focused on oral communication in health techniques for allophone students in these programs.

2022 Projects

Chemistry – Cégep Édouard-Montpetit – Martin Dion – French Resource

Création d’animations 3D en chimie organique

Production of a series of videos presenting the main concepts covered in the organic chemistry course at the college level

Hotel Management and Food Service Techniques – Cégep de Saint-Félicien – Marlene Moreno Rabanal – French Resource

Management durable de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration

Development of a website featuring video clips, explanatory texts, scenario-based activities, quizzes, and self-assessment tools.

Physical Education (Police Techniques) – Collège de Maisonneuve – Gabriel Hains-Monfette and Dominique Poupart-Michaud – French Resource

Contrôle des personnes violentes

Production of new videos to update the Contrôle des personnes violentes website

Arts – Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup – Edith Croft – French Resource

Arsenal de la créativité

Production of a digital toolkit presenting creativity techniques adapted to real-world problems

Music – Cégep de Saint-Laurent – Guillaume Fournier and Anne Ouellet-Demers – French Resource

Mon corps, mon instrument

Production of videos to explain the anatomical fundamentals in instrumental and vocal practice

English and French (as second languages) – Cégep André-Laurendeau and Cégep du Vieux Montréal – Brett Fischer et Danielle Viens – English resource

Facilitating Study Abroad

Website to help teachers plan a language immersion trip abroad with their students

2021 Projects

Political Science – Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf – Jano Bourgeois, Marc Bordeleau and Daniel Beauregard – French Resource

Simuler les guerres civiles pour mobiliser les connaissances en sciences humaines

Production of civil war scenarios, with maps and documentation

Fisheries Technology – Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles – Éric Tamigneaux – French Resource

Manuel sur les techniques de culture de la main de mer palmée

Production of a printed manual accompanied by video clips

Fashion Industry – Lasalle College – Michele M. Granger – French Resource

Les métiers de la mode

French translation of the manual Fashion industry and its career and adaptation for the Quebec college students

Applied Arts and Crafts – Cégep du Vieux Montréal – Mathilde Moreau – French Resource

Méthodologie de création

Production of three videos illustrating a creative methodology

Dietetic Technology – Cégep de Rimouski – Geneviève Ouellet St-Hilaire and Raluca Ticala – French Resource

Nutrition thérapeutique

Update of Lise Gagnon’s Nutrition thérapeutique manual

French (Language and Literature) – Cégep de Baie-Comeau – Mélissa Béchard Pelletier – French Resource

Cours en ligne de préparation à l’Épreuve uniforme de français

Adaptation of an existing preparation course for the Épreuve uniforme de français for students in the college system

Theatre – Dawson College – W. Steven Lecky – English resource

Vox Method: Training the Voice and Vox Method: The Acting Process

Update of manuals

Transdisciplinaire – John Abbott College – Anna Woodrow – English resource

Cite it! Phase 3

Update of the Cite it! website