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Geographic Information System

Learning Modules for College Level

Jan Warnke and Christine Boudreau
Champlain Regional College


The Geographic Information System (GIS) provides instructional materials for learning how to use GIS software to solve geographic problems at the introductory and more advanced levels.

The site is specifically designed for students and teachers in social science programs in Quebec, but it is also suitable for anyone who wants to understand how GIS works.

The course material includes three learning modules in PDF format used in conjunction with free learning software and a dataset that can be downloaded from the internet. The modules contain step-by-step illustrated instructions with corresponding demonstration videos. They present geographic problems and solutions that allow getting started with GIS at home, school, or anywhere that offers a high-speed internet connection.

French version: Système d’information géographique


Author(s): Jan Warnke and Christine Boudreau
Institution(s): Champlain Regional College
Language(s): French and English
Publication year: 2009