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  • The McGill Model of Nursing

    A Collaborative Approach

    How do you establish a trusting, collaborative relationship with a person and family? How do you accompany them as their health situation evolves? The McGill Model of Nursing: A Collaborative Approach reviews every stage of the nursing process, focusing on the central role of the person and family—whose responsibility for…

  • Resource for Writing Therapeutic Nursing Plans

    40 Examples of Nursing Problems and Interventions

    This book provides tools to facilitate the task of writing problems, nursing interventions, and follow-up assessments, which can prove demanding and complex. It does the following: groups problems by system uses biological and pathophysiological knowledge to describe the problems, the nursing interventions and the follow-up assessments promotes cooperation between members…

  • Nursing scenarios

    Optimize Learning with Simulation

    The Nursing Scenarios website focuses on the high-fidelity clinical simulation (HFCS) method and its implementation. It provides ready-to-use scenarios for teaching in the Quebec college network. Each scenario includes a medical observation as well as a Student Guide and Teacher’s Guide. Supplementary educational materials, such as printable patient records and…

  • PASS

    Performance Assessment and Strategies for Success

    PASS (Performance Assessment and Strategies for Success) is a resource for nursing teachers who wish to help their students succeed on written tests (short-answer and multiple choice). The resource is designed to assess a student’s performance on a written test and develop an individualized Action Plan for improvement. It consists…

  • Nursing Lexicon: English–French

    Lexique de soins infirmiers : français – anglais

    This manual is intended to help nursing care students communicate in both English and French in their field of study. The terms in the lexicon are used in hospitals and were chosen based on the needs expressed by nurses and nursing care interns who work in their second language. Summary…

  • SECRA 4

    Simulation of a communication exercise in a helping relationship

    The SECRA site (Simulation d’un exercice de communication en relation d’aide or “Simulation of a communication exercise in a helping relationship”) allows the user (the helper) to interact with virtual characters (person being helped) who each experience a different personal problem. The aim of the exercise is to support the…

  • La piqûre du français

    Exercices de français pour les soins infirmiers

    Le site La piqûre du français offre aux étudiantes et étudiants allophones et anglophones inscrits dans des techniques de soins de la santé du réseau collégial anglophone des documents pédagogiques qui les préparent à soigner en français et à réussir l’examen de l’Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). La…

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