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Performance Assessment and Strategies for Success

Antoinette Cocciolo and Sheila Cross
Vanier College


PASS (Performance Assessment and Strategies for Success) is a resource for nursing teachers who wish to help their students succeed on written tests (short-answer and multiple choice).

The resource is designed to assess a student’s performance on a written test and develop an individualized Action Plan for improvement. It consists of an assessment phase (Performance Assessment) and an intervention phase (Strategies for Success). Furthermore, it combines quantitative data analysis of test results and qualitative data on students’ study habits, learning style and other related dimensions to develop individual action plans aimed at improving academic proficiency.


Discipline(s): 180 – Nursing
Author(s): Antoinette Cocciolo and Sheila Cross
Institution(s): Vanier College
Language(s): English
Publication year: 2020


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