New Release: Projet ATOPOS

How do we understand human beings in all their diversity? A six-module site to deepen your knowledge beyond the dominant philosophical tradition.

New Release: Projet ATOPOS

The Projet ATOPOS site, by Benoît D’Amours and Sophie Savard-Laroche, offers students in the second college philosophy course six modules to deepen their knowledge on this issue beyond the dominant philosophical tradition.
Thanks to a rigorous pedagogical approach, the resource aims for an understanding of six philosophical perspectives on human beings that take the diversity of the lived experience into consideration: feminist, decolonial, Africana, anti-speciesist, anti-racist, and Indigenous perspectives.

The content of this site allows any teacher to have quality material to address new topics and take both a complementary and critical look at the dominant philosophical tradition at college.

Projet ATOPOS offers a more inclusive corpus for the Human Being (102) philosophy course. The modules allow contemporary issues to be addressed according to perspectives marginalized by the Western tradition.

Each module includes four elements:

  • An introductory text accompanied by an annotated bibliography to take stock of the key knowledge from the different perspectives;
  • A video interview also allows us to understand the contemporary issues associated with it;
  • A downloadable slideshow can be used in class;
  • Analysis questions will be used to prepare for discussions and comprehension work.