New Release: Dlibr

Because, however, therefore… Whatever your field of teaching, here’s a must-have for online deliberation!

New Release: Dlibr

Because, however, therefore… Whatever your field of teaching, if you want to facilitate access to an online deliberation for your students, the Dlibr site, by authors Christian Frenette and Olivier Roy, could become essential for you!

This French user-friendly platform allows you to launch a deliberation based on a proposal. You share a hyperlink, then the participants can read arguments from others and respond to them using three relationship markers. For the teacher, the advantage of this site is easily tracking the progress of the deliberation. In addition, the evaluation and automatic feedback tools are features at the cutting edge of techno-pedagogy.

Platform for your online deliberations

A freely accessible platform that allows for the teaching of the basics of the logic of argumentation. The deliberations are created from a teacher account.

Dlibr is a digital environment that allows the different aspects of a proposal to be examined while promoting respectful attitudes as well as effective and democratic practices.

How it works: 

  • The initial configuration offers three relationship markers: because, however, and therefore.
  • From these markers, the site generates a dynamic favouring the writing of several arguments by learners as well as the reading of those of others.

Thanks to this platform, participants:

  • are encouraged to actively participate during deliberations;
  • are supported and evaluated on their good argumentative behaviours.

For their part, teachers:

  • have feedback and review tools (e.g., comment moderation, educational assessment of class publications);
  • have graphic visualization tools to obtain a summary view of the activity and the progress of the deliberation.

A Teacher Guide and a Student Guide are available to discover all the features of the site.