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Cite It!

A Tutorial on How to Cite Your Sources Correctly

Anna Woodrow
John Abbott College


This interactive tutorial helps students cite sources correctly. Useful in all disciplines, Cite It! features four documentation style guides: MLA, APA, CSE and Chicago (The content for the CSE and Chicago style guides are not available at the moment, but should be by the beginning of September). For each style, the tutorial takes students through five important steps with explanations and exercises when preparing an assignment and tests their knowledge on the chosen documentation style guide. It also provides helpful links, coaching cards and a glossary.

The reference documents, or coaching cards, include everything one needs to know about documenting in a particular style. The tutorial also includes a voice-over as well as text appearing on each screen. These were added to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities or those whose first language is not English. The tutorial can be used in class or elsewhere and is available for use on computers, phones, and tablets.


Program(s): General Education
Author(s): Anna Woodrow
Institution(s): John Abbott College
Language(s): English
Publication year: 2016