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  • Vox Method: The Acting Process

    2nd Edition

    Vox Method: The Acting Process demystifies the craft of acting—making it more accessible, comprehensible, and concrete. It is an exciting training program for actors that helps them become completely immersed in the techniques of acting, which provides them with a solid grounding in their craft. Throughout the book and its…

  • Vox Method: Training the Voice

    2nd Edition

    Vox Method: Training the Voice attempts to demystify, simplify and organize the study of voice. It presents a comprehensive approach to building and maintaining the performing voice. Steven Lecky organizes the subject matter around a clear, step-by-step layering of information and techniques. The book and its accompanying videos provide professional…

  • Harmonie-Jazz

    Une approche didactique, 6e édition

    Ce manuel de vulgarisation de l’harmonie est un outil précis, efficace et accessible. Il tient compte des grands courants musicaux que sont le jazz et la musique populaire occidentale. Il dévoile quelques trucs du métier d’arrangeur et de compositeur et rappelle certains principes harmoniques oubliés. Cette version du manuel a…

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