New Releases: rectifications orthographiques

Discover modern spelling and its rules with ease and pleasure thanks to the Mes cartes RO and the RO – Rectifications orthographiques site.

Do you know the rules of the French orthographic changes or rectifications orthographiques (RO)? Since teaching staff at all grade levels are required to accept modern spellings in assessments, authors Chantal Contant and Francine Corbeil have developed two resources to promote its comprehension. See how you can deepen your knowledge of modern spelling with ease and fun, and familiarize your students with the orthographic changes.

Mes cartes RO

New Releases: rectifications orthographiques

The Mes cartes RO game covers all aspects of modern spelling. Classified according to the aspects affected, activities offer true or false or multiple choice questions, mini-corpuses to be observed, and explanations illustrated with numerous examples.

In addition to this content on the written code, there are questions about rumours surrounding new spellings and the cultural context of the orthographic changes. Finally, a flurry of 50 questions puts players to the test.

The last cards in the deck offer a summary of the rules that highlight several regularities of the French spelling system.

RO – Rectifications orthographiques

New Releases: rectifications orthographiques

The RO – Rectifications orthographiques site allows you to familiarize yourself with official modern spelling.

It offers ten interactive questionnaires entitled “Mes activités RO.” These activities immerse users in the heart of the French orthographic changes or rectifications orthographiques (RO) and allow them to expand their knowledge of the cultural context of spelling changes. The flurry of 50 questions in the “Défis RO” section then puts their knowledge to the test.

The “Règles et listes de mots” section of the site highlights regularities of the French spelling system. The most curious users can consult the details of the rules and the lists of words affected by the orthographic changes. More than 8,000 words are listed, which will certainly be very useful for those who are wondering about the spelling of a term, whether it is commonly used or specific to a field.