New Release: Stand Tall and Move Easy

The new textbook Stand Tall and Move Easy, by Joanna Farmer, is now available in digital and print formats. 

New Release: Stand Tall and Move Easy

The book presents posture as a fundamental skill, a basic fitness component and a foundation for exercise, sport performance, and efficient movement in daily living. Although written for college students, it is a do-it-yourself approach for anyone wanting to stand taller and move better.

The basic premise of Stand Tall and Move Easy is that most people—even athletes—have some postural challenges, and that with knowledge, self-awareness, and an active lifestyle, they can overcome such challenges. Your body can feel good and move well at any age.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • “Posture theory”
  • “Posture assessment and analysis”
  • “Planning and carrying out a posture program”

Additional documents freely available from the CCDMD online catalogue include an exercise planning chart and a lifestyle monitoring chart, as well as a Teaching Guide, which contains the following headings: “Course design,” “Answers to quizzes and activities,” and “Notes on activities.”

About the author

Joanna Farmer, Dawson College

As a dancer and physical education teacher, Joanna has had a lifelong interest in posture. For her master’s thesis at McGill University, she investigated the movement of rising onto pointe in ballet. At Dawson College in Montreal, she developed a specialized posture course for nursing students to reduce their risk of back pain. She also designed a new measurement tool to assess posture, and in 2019, she published a study on college student posture, establishing rates of alignment deficits and relationships between posture and fitness.