New Release: Philo-aide

The Philo-aide site, by Anne-Marie Claret and Thierry Laberge, is now online to support students in writing the essay expected as part of the Phil. 101 course at CEGEP.

New Release: Philo-aide

The site offers a set of simple, flexible, and user-friendly educational tools that are suited to the plural reality of philosophy teaching in the Quebec college network.

Philo-aide offers ten videos of three to nine minutes featuring students who find answers to their questions in a friendly interaction with a professor.

Throughout their discussions, the issues posed by the writing task are highlighted, as are the challenges of reading a philosophical text before writing the essay.

  • The first video clip, entitled “Le texte argumentatif philosophique : qu’est-ce que c’est?”, provides an overview.
  • Seven videos then follow, delving deeper into the main aspects of the writing:
    • the plan;
    • the problem statement;
    • the conceptualization;
    • the argumentation;
    • the reasoning;
    • the objection and rebuttal;
    • the conclusion.
  • Finally, two videos offer reading strategies.

The “Compléments” section of the site offers ten printable documents briefly summarizing the content of each video and extending it with other examples.