New Game Update: Les labyrinthes

Our latest French improvement game has just been updated!

Les labyrinthes is a game that contains all kinds of questions to improve students’ knowledge of French. The goal is to reach the exit of the maze with as many coins in your pockets as possible to climb the social ladder!

To move around the maze, you use the arrows on your keyboard (on a computer) or the arrows appearing on the screen (on a mobile device). Along the way, you come across chests that indicate the tests: you have to reach them as quickly as possible to display the question and maximize the number of coins to be won. Once you have answered the questions, you go to the exit to discover your title, which is related to the number of coins accumulated during the level: Prince, Lord, Baron, Knight, Squire, Valet, Groom, or Serf.

The game consists of 5 levels with 15 chests each.