Minister’s Award for the Author of “CPE chez les Premières Nations”

The CCDMD is proud to announce the awarding of a Minister of Higher Education Prize for a project that it carried out in collaboration with Cégep de Saint-Félicien.

Minister’s Award for the Author of “CPE chez les Premières Nations”

Annie Lapierre, author of CPE chez les Premières Nations, won the Minister’s Award in the Ressources didactiques complémentaires category of the Ressources éducatives component. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 11 in Quebec City. 

The CPE chez les Premières Nations : observer et transmettre website contains a series of videos that allow us to observe children in the context of educational daycare services among the Cree and Innu. The videos feature play situations, original interactions, and educational practices that integrate the mother tongue and the culture of belonging in an exemplary manner. Suggestions for exercises accompany each of these video observations to strengthen the learning. A series of video interviews illustrate the organization of the centres in these two communities. Four adults answer questions about culture, language, planning, and transmission.

The Minister of Higher Education Prizes recognize the inventiveness and commitment of individuals in colleges and universities who are developing and implementing new teaching strategies to better guide students to success. The Ressources éducatives awards recognize the outstanding quality of educational resources produced for college or CEGEP studies.

The CCDMD would like to congratulate the author and all the contributors to this project.