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Nursing Lexicon: English–French

Lexique de soins infirmiers : français – anglais

Suzanne Larochelle
Heritage College
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This manual is intended to help nursing care students communicate in both English and French in their field of study.

The terms in the lexicon are used in hospitals and were chosen based on the needs expressed by nurses and nursing care interns who work in their second language.


Descriptive Terms – Quick Reference – Abbreviations – English-French Terms – French-English Terms – Useful Phrases.

French version: Lexique de soins infirmiers : français – anglais


Auteur(s) : Suzanne Larochelle
Établissement(s) : Heritage College
Langue(s) : Français et Anglais
Année de publication : 2014
Nombre de pages : 273
ISBN : Printed version: 978-2-89470-344-1; Digital version: 978-2-89470-345-8


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