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Jazz Harmony

A Didactic Approach, 6th Edition

Richard Ferland; translated by Joe Sullivan
Cégep de Drummondville
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This harmony textbook is a precise, effective, accessible tool. It takes into account major musical currents, such as jazz and Western popular music. It reveals some tricks of the trade for arrangers and composers and revisits some forgotten harmonic principles.

This version of the textbook was developed for the enriched e-book edition that can be read on a computer or tablet. The PDF file enables listening to the examples and exercises with a simple click near staves. All sound files are also available online at the following address: harmonie.ccdmd.qc.ca (in French only).

This textbook will be especially useful for those who wish to understand the American system of chord numbering, which is recognized worldwide.


Prerequisites to the study of harmony – Scales and intervals – Chords and chord symbols – Chord progressions – Modes

French version: Harmonie-Jazz


Auteur(s) : Richard Ferland; translated by Joe Sullivan
Établissement(s) : Cégep de Drummondville
Langue(s) : Anglais
Année de publication : 2013
Nombre de pages : 264
ISBN : Printed version: 978-2-89470-322-9; Digital version: 978-2-89470-323-6


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