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Crisscross Words

Version 4

Roselyne Cardinal
Collège Ahuntsic


Crisscross Words is a tool designed to help students learn vocabulary.

It’s aimed at teachers from all disciplines who wish to develop fun learning activities for the acquisition and enrichment of general or specialized vocabulary.

With this tool, they can create dictionaries of words and definitions to draw from to generate crossword puzzles. These crosswords can be shared with students using hyperlinks or printed and handed out in class. Puzzles posted online can include hints, anagrams, and a timer. Students can restart a puzzle as many times as they like or save their work and come back later.

The crosswords produced with the tool are accessible on all types of devices (phones, tablets, and computers).

French version: Mots entrecroisés


Auteur(s) : Roselyne Cardinal
Établissement(s) : Collège Ahuntsic
Langue(s) : Français et Anglais
Année de publication : 2021


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