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Group Training Essentials

Monique Messier and Claudine Portelance
Cégep de Lanaudière à L’Assomption


The Aerobix site is designed for learning the main movements used in group classes in disciplines such as aerobics, step and aerobox.

It contains a database that allows you to view more than 160 movements. Each is discussed in a short text with the following:

  • the name of the discipline
  • the name of the movement in French and English
  • a description or demonstration of the sequence of the steps in the movement
  • a video sequence
  • an indication of the movement’s intensity and duration
  • options to change the intensity or complexity

Once students have selected movements, they can arrange them and develop their own choreography. They can print out the description of the steps, see them broken down and have peers perform the choreography.

The site also includes information about theoretical concepts for breaking down movements and the relationship with time and music. The breakdown of nine choreographies can be viewed and commented on, which helps in understanding and executing a personal choreography.

The site also includes three 30 to 40-minute full choreography demonstration videos and a 10-minute warm-up video. All these videos are led and commented on by teachers.

French version: Aérobix


Programme(s) : Formation générale
Auteur(s) : Monique Messier and Claudine Portelance
Établissement(s) : Cégep de Lanaudière à L’Assomption
Langue(s) : Français et Anglais
Année de publication : 2012