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Second Language Proficiency Test



The Second Language Proficiency Test (TPLS) is an educational resource created for the Québec college network. This online adaptive test evaluates the student's level of oral and written comprehension in French or English. This proficiency test takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the student's language skills based on a language proficiency model: the Scale of Second Language Proficiency Levels for the College Student.

The test is intended for students registered in a program leading to a diploma of collegial studies (DEC). The French test is designed for students whose mother tongue is not French, and the English test for students whose mother tongue is not English. It is made up of two categories of items: written comprehension and oral comprehension. Each test item measures a specific indicator of skill level. As a result, the passages, questions and answer choices were all carefully developed to ensure that each item evaluates the skill indicator targeted. Five different types of items (multiple choice, associations, etc.) are included in the test in order to vary the tasks requested; sequencing, for example, is used to evaluate the student's ability to establish a sequence from a list of events or ideas


Discipline(s) : English (Second Language) 604, French (Second Language) 602
Publication : 2016


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